Options for exchanging currency in cash

Our exchange rates are better than in banks. If banks are changing up to ten main currencies, then we have in the list of currencies almost 50 different choices. Our list of currencies includes several popular and exotic travel destinations such as the Thai baht, Sri Lankan rupee, Egyptian pound, etc.

For Eurex customer card holders exchange rates are more favorable than for non-customers!

For amounts over 1000 € please ask for better rates from our currency dealers. Please contact us +372 6 312 100.

Although that our offices are usually supplied with popular currencies, we kindly ask you to contact our currency dealer before purchasing exotic currencies or larger sums of common currencies. You can also exchange foreign coins in Eurex and the rates we offer are the best in Estonia.

Forms of payment

For exchanging currencies we offer a variety forms of payment:
– in cash
– with debit or credit card
– money transfer from your bank account


We are buying the largest variety of foreign coins in Estonia. We keep our selection for foreign coins larger then competitive traders and we wish to offer favorable rates for them.


Pursuant to the Money Laundering and Terrorist Prevention Act, we are obliged to ascertain and verify the identity of persons in transactions if the transaction amount exceeds 1000 €, just like banks. It means that the client needs to produce an identification document. Clients also need to fill out a personal data form in the case of certain transactions. Please speak to a cashier or call us on +372 6 312 100 for more information.

Options for exchanging currency

Do you need a travel money? Then come to Eurex! We have the biggest selection of currencies and you always save money with our exchange rates!
Compare to the banks the service charge applied to international payments is 25% less!
Always contact first the Eurex currency dealer to ask the best rates and fees!

Currency exchange in cash

– Best rates in Estonia for Eurex customer card holders! See the exchange rates!

Home or office delivery– buy from home. We will bring your order directly to your door!

– You are not sure how much travel money you need? Buy more and get a currency rate protection – service that enables a client to sell bought currency back to Eurex with the initial currency rate.

It is that simple!
1. Just call us
2. Get the best rates and fees
3. Save money

Eurex’s customer card is recommended if you travel a lot or exchange often currencies.

The customer card ensures you always good rates regardless the amount you exchange and gives you several discounts from Eurex services. For example the rate protection service is 4 euros (normal price 4,50.-).

Eurex´s customer card is FREE for everyone!

How to apply for a customer card?

– Visit any of Eurex´s offices >> Contact.
– Ask for Eurex´s customer card (or return printed and fulfilled customer card application to our staff).
– Fill in the application and return it to the staff.
– Your new customer card is ready in 3 working days.

Quick money transfers MoneyGram

MoneyGram – is a quick and convenient way to receive and send money to MoneyGram offices in more than 200 countries.

In order to make a MoneyGram money transfer you will need a passport, ID card, driving licence or permission to reside. Neither the sender nor the receiver needs to open an account in order to make a money transfer. The receiver can get the money by going to any of MoneyGram offices all over the world and presenting one’s passport.

The money transfer takes 10-15 minutes. The receiver can get the money anywhere in the world within 10-15 minutes after the money has been sent.

How to send money with MoneyGram

•  Go to one of Eurex offices
•  Give the operator the information about the receiver (name, surname, receiver’s destination country)
•  Pay the operator money you want to send and the commission fee
•  The transfer can be made in EUR and USD
•  The operator will give you the money transfer code
•  You should give this code to the receiver

How to receive money with MoneyGram

Go to the MoneyGram office anyplace in the world; if you are in Estonia – visit one of Eurex offices.

Tell the operator the amount of the money transfer, transfer’s unique code and present your identification document (in Estonia the valid identification documents are: passport, ID card or permission to reside, driving licence).

Clients welfare and best service has always been in the first place at Eurex. When planning a next vacation or business trip, we wish that you could buy your travel currency as comfortable as possible.

Preorder desired travel currency to suitable Eurex office!

That way you can be sure, that in the office there will be exactly this amount of currency and notes that you desire. You can also order currencies to our office in Tallinn Airport, where you can easily pick it up before the plane departure.

Preordering form and terms are here.

Order desired travel currency to your home or office!

No time to come to Eurex? Would you prefer to order travel currency to your home or office? No problem! Eurex will do it! We will bring the travel money directly to your door.

Read the terms and conditions of home delivery and fill out the ordering form here.

Currency rate protection is a service that enables a client to sell bought currency back to Eurex with the initial currency rate.

Terms and conditions of using the currency rate protection service:

– service costs 7.50 euros per one currency;
– service could be used only when buying currency in cash;
– the amount exchanged with currency rate protection could not exceed 250.- euros;
– service must be used within 30 days from initial currency exchange;
– service applies only to banknotes and does not apply to coins;
–  in order to execute the service it is necessary to prove the existence of initial purchase invoice together with the purchase invoice of currency rate protection;
– Eurex has a right to decline from repurchase if the currency rate has changed more than 10 per cent from the currency rate of initial purchase.

You will find the further particulars of the “Terms and conditions of currency rate protection” here

Exchange of banknotes

Do you need coins and smaller notes to your cash box? You can also exchange banknotes in Eurex if necessary, either for banknotes of a bigger or lesser denomination. Our charge for this service is also lower than in banks. If wanted there is option to pay for ordered coins and notes with transfer.

Big euro banknotes can be exchanged for smaller ones at all Eurex branches without charge, the service charge applicable to exchanging small banknotes for big ones is set out in the price list.

You will find the price list of banknote and coin exchange here

The adoption of euro has considerably increased the risks of counterfeit currency. Since euro is highly valued and internationally used currency, high quality counterfeiting frequently occur. In order to reduce the risks related to counterfeit currency, Eurex offers a special training covering the security elements of banknotes. The training is especially targeted at the companies and individuals in regular contact with cash (such as cashiers; restaurant, hotel and casino workers etc).

There are three different types of trainings available:

– security elements of euro banknotes;
– security elements of most common foreign currencies;
– security elements of euro banknotes and foreign currencies.

The training session will provide you information about:

– the banknotes in circulation;
– various security elements;
– how to distinguish between an original banknote and a counterfeit one (samples of counterfeit banknotes are available for closer examination at the training);
– how to use a scanner, an ultraviolet lamp and other devices for checking banknotes.

The training takes place in the premises of Eurex main office; if necessary, it is also possible to hold the training in the client’s office. The price of the training begins from 100 EUR, depending on the type of training, the number of participating clients, and the venue of the training. The training lasts for about 1-2 hours depending on the type of training. The maximum number of participants in Eurex office is 10, and by agreement if held in the client’s office.

If you are interested in participating in the training, please contact +372 61 64 120 or