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The adoption of euro has considerably increased the risks of counterfeit currency. Since euro is highly valued and internationally used currency, high quality counterfeiting frequently occur. In order to reduce the risks related to counterfeit currency, Eurex offers a special training covering the security elements of banknotes. The training is especially targeted at the companies and individuals in regular contact with cash (such as cashiers; restaurant, hotel and casino workers etc).

There are three different types of trainings available:

  • security elements of euro banknotes;
  • security elements of most common foreign currencies;
  • security elements of euro banknotes and foreign currencies.

The training session will provide you information about:

  • the banknotes in circulation;
  • various security elements;
  • how to distinguish between an original banknote and a counterfeit one (samples of counterfeit banknotes are available for closer examination at the training);
  • how to use a scanner, an ultraviolet lamp and other devices for checking banknotes.

The training takes place in the premises of Eurex main office; if necessary, it is also possible to hold the training in the client’s office. The price of the training begins from 100 EUR, depending on the type of training, the number of participating clients, and the venue of the training. The training lasts for about 1-2 hours depending on the type of training. The maximum number of participants in Eurex office is 10, and by agreement if held in the client’s office.

If you are interested in participating in the training, please contact +372 61 64 120 or