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Currency rate protection



Main currencies

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USD USD 1.2198 1.1846


RUB RUB 71.9402 65.7131


SEK SEK 9.7090 9.3772


NOK NOK 9.4592 9.1562


GBP GBP 0.9011 0.8622


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Prices in the world market

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EUR USD EUR - USD 1.1980 1.1978


EUR GBP EUR - GBP 0.8852 0.8847


EUR RUB EUR - RUB 68.8398 68.8145


All prices in the world market

Currency rate protection is a service that enables a client to sell bought currency back to Eurex with the initial currency rate.

Terms and conditions of using the currency rate protection service:

  • service costs 4.50 euros per one currency;
  • service could be used only when buying currency in cash;
  • the amount exchanged with currency rate protection could not exceed 1000.- euros;
  • service must be used within 30 days from initial currency exchange;
  • service applies only to banknotes and does not apply to coins;
  •  in order to execute the service it is necessary to prove the existence of initial purchase invoice together with the purchase invoice of currency rate protection;
  • Eurex has a right to decline from repurchase if the currency rate has changed more than 10 per cent from the currency rate of initial purchase.

You will find the further particulars of the “Terms and conditions of currency rate protection” here.